Today I am excited to announce that I have filed papers to form a new non-profit organization devoted to instilling hope in the lives of recovering addicts across the world. Hope is Alive, will provide the recovery community an online forum to share their stories, connect with others in sobriety and promote organizations that are furthering the cause of health, healing and hope to those in recovery.
We plan to launch the new site around Christmas time and are very excited to announce some of the partnerships that already are forming.
In addition to the website, Hope is Alive will also provide a structured living house in Oklahoma City for those ready to take the next step in their recovery process. The residence will house 3-5 men who will commit to a year-long program consisting of leadership development, mentoring opportunities, in-depth spiritual studies and community based service work.
Hope is Alive, will exist to help further the sobriety of all men and women. To show those early on in their recovery process just what’s out there for them. It will also give those who have been successfully sober for a while the opportunity to give back to a new generation by sharing their stories of experience, strength and hope.
As someone in recovery I fully understand and recognize the significance that hope plays in the early days of sobriety. Without it, I would be dead. I needed hope, I needed encouragement, I needed to see others out there living, growing and succeeding in this world….and doing it sober.
In the coming days I plan to reveal more about our plans, including the house we are looking at, partnerships, special events planned for next year and most importantly ways in which you can get involved. We will need all the help we can get to pull this off. We can’t do it alone. I know that many of you have expressed interest already, so be on the look out for our kick-starter campaign, Facebook page or feel free to contact me directly if you feel so inclined.
In this season of my life, there is not a doubt in my mind that this is exactly what I should be doing. I am humbled and honored to begin this journey of spreading hope to those who desperately need it.
Hope for new beginnings, Hope for second chances, Hope for a life never before imagined. Hope that is contagious. Hope that is freely given. Hope that knows no fear. Hope that doesn’t discriminate. Hope that restores families. Hope that rebuilds trust. Hope that never quits. Hope that is not dead, no Hope that is Alive!