From Drug Addict to Hope Dealer

Lance Lang thought his years-long cycle of abuse and addiction was going to be a part of his life forever.

But God had a different plan.

Lance Lang has devoted his life to inspiring hope in those suffering from addiction, sharing his own journey from addiction to brokenness to freedom. From growing up as a pastor’s son under the watchful eye of small-town America to leading a $30 million project management firm at the age of 25, pressure to perform and live up to others’ expectations was a way of life for Lance. As the heaviness of these burdens grew, Lance turned to drugs and alcohol to keep up, creating a years-long cycle of abuse and addiction that destroyed his hope and left him in a reclusive, depressive state he thought would be his life forever.

But God had a different plan.

Lance’s pull to sobriety is nothing short of a miracle. God pursued him and in a moment’s notice changed everything in his life. Since getting clean & sober in April of 2011, Lance has gone on to inspire thousands of others to do the same.

In October of 2012, Lance founded Hope is Alive Ministries  in Oklahoma City. Hope is Alive provides next level recovery homes & family supports groups all across the country.

Under Lance’s leadership, Hope is Alive has grown from one home and five residents to nineteen homes with over 180 residents working hard to radically change their lives. HIA’s success rate is unheard of, with over 85% of all graduates successfully living radically changed lives today.

The impact of Hope is Alive is being felt in thousands of homes and will be evident for generations to come.

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HopeDealers: The new book from Lance Lang

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