The big day is drawing near! My new book Finding Hope releases this Friday – August 14th. I’m so excited for families, parents and spouses to get their hands on this book. I truly believe what “WE” have put together will really provide such relief and peace to the hundreds of thousands of people that are suffering through their loved-ones addiction. And I really do mean what “WE” have put together. Many of you know that my mom and dad have helped to co-write this book, but what you may not know is that they are not the only ones that pitched in to put this field guide together.
That’s right, we actually had several contributors, including 9 interviews with recovering drug addicts and 3 interviews from drug and alcohol counselors. You will really enjoy reading these discussions and the diverse perspectives each person brings. Our goal for this book was to provide family members a variety of viewpoints and opinions to sift through in hopes of helping them find the HOPE they have been searching for.
Come this Friday you will have 2 ways to pick up the new book. Here they are!

1. Come to Night of Hope OKC – books will be available before and after the event. And my folks and I will be doing a live interview on stage to talk more about the book.

2. Buy it on Amazon – Click here (There’s a chance it will be ready before Friday, shhh don’t tell anyone!)

Lastly, if the stats are true, thereĀ areĀ 160,000 Oklahomans currently addicted. If on average each person has 10 living family members that means 1.6 Million people are dealing with an addicted loved-one. That’s a lot of people.
The point is we all know someone who is hurting and dealing with a son, daughter, uncle, father, mother or sibling that can’t seem to quit. Today, as that person comes to your mind, would you mind forwarding them this blog?
Let’s spread the hope to those who need it! Thanks for the help!
I hope to see many of you Friday night of Night of Hope!
-Hope is Alive