Since January 1st of this year, I’ve made it my goal to tell my story 100 times in 2018! It’s been quite a journey so far and I’m getting pretty close! This coming Sunday will mark number 65. So, I’m tracking pretty well, but I would love to have your help to make sure I reach this goal!
One of the many avenues for sharing my story and impacting people is through school assemblies. Back in the Spring I led ten assemblies for students all across Oklahoma.

Here’s what the principals and organizers had to say:

“I really appreciate the message that Lance brought to our students at Marlow High School.  We are trying to overcome the popular social mentality of “It’s just Marijuana!” Lance reinforced our message to students that “gateway” drugs lead you down a road you don’t want to go.”     -Bryan Brantley, Principal Marlow High School
“Lance captivated the students from the moment he took the stage. The students’ gave him a standing ovation. It was an amazing day!”    -James Willyard, Assembly Organizer
“Lance grabbed our students attention and his message hit home with many of them. I know this assembly will make a HUGE positive impact in their lives and future decisions.”     –Cory Slagle, Principal Tahlequah High School


With schools starting back up in a few weeks, I would be honored if you would share this video on Facebook or forward this email to your school administrators.
We are living in a very confusing time when it comes to drug use. With legal, high potency Marijuana soon to be flooding our streets, we must do our job to educate properly and speak the truth to our students of the dangers of experimentation.
I’ve been given a story that people understand and relate to, I’d love the opportunity to come and share it with your students!

Here’s a link to the video, please share it! (
Or feel free to forward this email on.
For booking inquiries email: [email protected]
Thanks for helping me get to 100!!
With Hope,