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Can I Speak At Your School This Fall?

Lance / July 23, 2018
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7 Challenges to Change the World (Part 1)


I Want to Speak at Your Church or School!

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It’s Gonna Be A Great Day!!

the I's

Who’s the Imposter?

From time to time, we ALL push for those around us to view us in a more favorable light. We portray one person at home, one person at work, one person at church and yet another on Facebook or Twitter. So, who are we really? Which person that we portray is our true self? Which one is the imposter?  And ultimately who do…

hope is powerful

The Unfair Advantage of Your Story

I have something that no one else does. And so do you, it’s called my story. It’s perfectly mine and specifically purposed to help others. But so is yours! Because, as unique as each of us are, our struggles are oftentimes universally experienced. What I’ve gone through, so have others. What you are experiencing, so…

3 signs

3 Signs Parents of Addicts Should Look For

When it comes to relapse, there’s a huge difference between someone who is early in their sobriety and those who have a few weeks, months, or years under their belt. No one is immune to relapse—“one day at a time,” and all that—but just like a newborn baby stands a greater chance of catching a…

relapse 2

4 Most Common Areas of Relapse

I know relapse can be a dreaded word, and it carries with it a lot of negative connotations, so let’s settle on a definition before we move any further. I believe relapse is defined as: “When, after a period of abstinence, a person re-engages in an activity that is painful to themselves or to others.”…

New Year New YOU

New Year, New YOU

Last week, I challenged loved-ones of addicts to find a support group.  Well near the end of a recent support group class I was hosting, we went around the room and recapped what everyone learned and some of the best takeaways. Here are a few quotes from the parents, spouses, and other loved ones who…


Break Out of the Shells

I don’t know how the phrase “walking on eggshells” came about. I don’t know what it means, exactly, or what historical thing it’s referencing. What I do know is this: I hear it a lot, especially from moms and dads, spouses, siblings, and other friends and family members of addicts. I will meet with an…


A New Year’s Resolution YOU Can Be Proud Of

With the start of the New Year upon us, people are once again looking to improve themselves and accomplish new goals. Half of all Americans set a New Year’s resolution, which is admirable, but research shows that a full 88% of those resolutions fail! So this year instead of setting out to make some drastic change…

best thing

The Best Thing My Mom Ever Did

My good friend Floyd works down at Rob’s Ranch, a treatment center in Central Oklahoma for men struggling with chemical dependency. He’s the health and nutrition supervisor, and makes a point to spend time with many of the families each weekend as they arrive for visitation. In conversations around the dining room table, I’ve heard him tell…

hope for xmas

Give Hope for Christmas!

This past year I’ve met a lot of incredible people. Two of them stopped by Hope HQ this week to drop off some gifts. This Christmas will be their first without their son, whom they lost to addiction this past year. But they are not alone, hundreds of others in our cities, churches & communities…


The Mother’s Prayer

If you read my last two posts, then I think you would agree that I’ve got one INCREDIBLE mom! And I bet you can now understand why I love her so much?! I’m so grateful that God has brought us both through my mess, all the way to this place where we have a great…

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