Hope Is Alive: One Addict's Story of Hope

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This book is the story of how my hope departed, how it was restored, and how I’ve kept it alive. I wrote it for drug addicts, alcoholics, gamblers, sex addicts, hurt people, prideful people, and angry people. I wrote it for the fear-ridden, the guilty, the insecure, the obsessed, the perpetually disappointed, and anyone else caught in the tornado of destruction that is addiction. I wrote it for those without hope, so they can know beyond a doubt that hope is alive. I grew up in a glass house, open seemingly for the whole world to see. Each disappointment and defeat pushed me farther and farther along my dark journey. I had absolutely no control, no hope, and no future outside of a daily purposeful pursuit to get high. But hope surfaced, and has driven me to a freedom and satisfaction I had previously assumed were unattainable.

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HopeDealers: The new book from Lance Lang

In this powerful and inspiring book, Lance Lang shares the stories of ordinary people who have said "YES" to God’s call and became HopeDealers. Along the way, he encourages readers like you to do the same. Because the world needs what only YOU have to offer!

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Invite Lance to come to your church, recovery group or organization and share about his struggles and victory.