It’s Gonna Be A Great Day!!

A few weeks back I shared with you about how poorly the start to my day had become. How a lack of forgiveness had slowly spread to the point where anger, resentment and anxiety had filled my first few thoughts each morning. This vicious beginning immediately put me on a pathway towards unhappiness and a generally bad attitude.

I was not fun to be around, I was constantly negative, I was judgmental in my heart and head and I wasn’t productive. Not a good place to be.

The more I dove into what was wrong the more I realized that a lack of forgiveness was blocking me from living in freedom. This realization helped to turn the tide for me.  (read more about this here)

As I began to put some recognition around this thought, I began to see the importance of starting my day off with an overload of positivity, vision and truth.

Instead of dwelling in the depressed state of my mind. I had to begin putting words of victory into the atmosphere that would propel me towards the future I desired.

So, I started with something basic. I began telling myself each morning, as soon as my mind would allow, that today was gonna be a great day.

I’d say it over and over and over again, most of the time during my morning shower. I’ve got this little window in my shower (yes I know that’s weird and no, people can’t see into it) and I would stare out that little window and repeat the saying over and over again.

It’s gonna be a great day. It’s gonna be a great day. It’s gonna be a great day.

That worked for a bit, but I needed more. So I thought to myself, ok, maybe I should start telling others about the great day I was HOPING to have.

So I did.

And that’s when I begin posting each morning on Facebook, “It’s gonna be a great day!!”

This worked really well. For a while. I loved the way I felt sharing with others and the feedback I experienced. Plus, I got tons of likes, which always feels good, right!?!

But I was still struggling by lunch time to stay positive.

And that’s when it hit me.

  • If I desired to live a more peace-filled life, I had to begin casting a powerful vision of grace and peace over my day.
  • If I desired to live a more forgiving life, I had to begin forgive people – OUT LOUD – each morning.
  • If I desired to push through fear and overcome things that had held me back, I had to begin speaking faith, courage and confidence over myself each morning to get there.

The bible says this in Romans 12:2…

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. 

My sinful mind MUST be transformed. I need a fresh touch from God first thing in the morning or there’s no telling where I’ll go.

So, I sat down one day and wrote out exactly who I wanted to be, what I wanted to accomplish and how I was going to do it.

It’s called my Morning Mandate and here it is…

Lance’s Morning Mandate

Today is gonna be a great day! 

Today God has given me EVERYTING I need, to be Exactly What HE wants ME to BE

Today I will LOVE Ally with everything in me, always putting her first & prioritizing our relationship and our future above all.

Today I will bring positivity, hope and encouragement to everyone I encounter. People will walk away from our time together, changed, inspired and motivated to chase their dreams.

Today, when I struggle and I know that I will, I will persevere.  When I can’t seem to forgive someone, who has wronged me, I will remind myself of how much Jesus has forgiven me.  

When I begin to think negatively I will look up and be reminded that God has placed me in this moment, during this specific time in history to make a difference! To change the WORLD! Any time wasted on negativity keeps me from fulfilling the mission he has given me.

Today when I feel all alone and that there is no one going through what I am going through, I will force myself to realize that there is NOTHING, not ANYTHING that I can experience on this earth that my Savior has not already experienced.

Today I am a winner. Today I am a fighter. Today I will outwork my competition.

No challenge, No change!

Today I will overcome all my challenges, I will step into those moments that scare me, I will dream so big that only God can receive the glory for my accomplishments.

Today I will push myself in all areas of life. I will make great decisions because God has given me wisdom. I am financially prudent, I am an incredible vision caster and I am child of the Most High God. Specifically created to make an impact for the kingdom.

Today is gonna be a great day!

Now, every morning I wake up, post on FB, “It’s gonna be a great day”, get in the shower and read my morning mandate OUT LOUD!

I have it lamented, taped to my wall (along with my word of the year) so it stares back at me like a prize fighter. I know that if I don’t read it, believe it and claim over my life, I’ll get knocked out every day!

My life is lived one day at a time and my Morning Mandate enables me to start each day with a positive step towards freedom.

I challenge YOU to write a morning mandate yourself today. Feel free to use mine as an outline or use these questions below to help you get started.

Once you get it done email it to me, I loved to read it! (

I pray this exercise and new daily habit helps to propel you to living in the land of freedom each day!

With Hope,



Questions to ask, to help you write your Morning Mandate:

  • What do I really want to be today?
  • What does the best version of me look like?
  • How do I need God’s help to get there?
  • What areas do I struggle in and what does scripture say about that?
  • How can I make today absolutely awesome?
  • What’s the best thing that could happen today?

Pain = Purpose

“Saddle up your horses; we’ve got a trail to blaze. Through the wild blue yonder of God’s amazing grace.”

These are the epic opening lyrics to the corny Steven Curtis Chapman song entitled “The Great Adventure.” It’s cheesy and full of over-the-top backup vocals, but the lyrics still ring true – regardless of the hairstyle of lead singer.

The song says this:

Come on, get ready for the ride of your life
Gonna leave long-faced religion in a cloud of dust behind
And discover all the new horizons just waiting to be explored
This is what we were created for

Saddle up your horses; we’ve got a trail to blaze
Through the wild blue yonder of God’s amazing grace
Let’s follow our leader into the glorious unknown
This is a life like no other – this is The Great Adventure

This is so true. I love it! “A life like no other.” Doesn’t that sound good? It does to me. Today I feel like I live a Great Adventure-style life. A life so far past anything I could have ever dreamed I could live. And you know what? It has nothing to do with money, status or success and everything to do with fully accepting my purpose and my pain.

This is the life I believe we are all called to live! When we fully embrace grace and fully release our guilt, then we’re embarking on a great adventure that will take us to places we only dreamed we could experience. It will place us perfectly in the path of a stranger who needs just what we can offer. It will give us talents we can use so effortlessly people will think we’re part alien. When you find yourself in the middle of God’s great adventure of grace, you’ll feel like you’re dreaming a dream so pure and perfect it could only come from a perfect Creator.

The adventure of grace is where we belong. It fits around us like a perfectly stitched set of footie pajamas. You slide into it and life just seems to make sense around you. Ego and pride seem meaningless, worry and doubt seem like wastes of time, and the solitude you used to despise becomes a welcome home. When you step into the grace of Jesus Christ, the world begins to make a lot more sense. Your life begins to make more sense; your past begins to make more sense.

Your pain will begin to make more sense.

Yes. I said pain.

How can a great life – one that makes perfect sense, that is filled with meaningful and significant relationships, that basically fits like a glove – have anything to do with pain?

For starters, pain is a universal affliction no human is privileged enough to escape. Every person who has taken even a brief tour on this planet has experienced pain at some point, and until we pass away, we will continue to experience it. We cannot escape pain. We can’t run from it, pay it off, ignore it, move away from it, yell at it until it cowers in submission, shop it away, drink it away, snort it away, eat it away, or push it away. Pain hits all of us. For most people, it hits us hard, it hits us early, and it keeps on hitting.

But it doesn’t have to keep you bound forever. Pain can be made purposeful. Pain can be the fuel that God uses to initiate the rescuing of your lost dreams.

Over the past several years, as I’ve journeyed through my own personal battle with pain and walked alongside hundreds of others, I’ve seen a theme in those who find a way to overcome and those who don’t. For the latter, it sucks. I hate it. I can’t stand to see someone hurting and feel useless. I want to put my hands on their shoulders and just scream, It doesn’t have to be this way! There is hope! You can have your dreams back!

But for the former, the pathway to peace is a beautiful journey that starts with a powerful word that changes everything. Hope. Hope gives you the courage to claim your pain, stare your past in the eyes and refuse to allow it to determine your destiny any longer. When you put your Hope in Jesus you begin to realize that there is nothing you can’t overcome and no past mistake that He won’t use to fuel your future. God will use your past pain to become your perfect purpose.

Addiction can’t stop you

Depression won’t slow you down

Anger begins to slip away

Hurt becomes forgiveness

Resentments bring new opportunity for growth

Hurts fuel your progress

Pain becomes purpose

Pain is a common ailment for humans. But we don’t have to let it steal our dreams and God given purpose any more. Claim your pain for what it is: experience. Claim your strength in the one who will never fail: Jesus. And let the new found HOPE in your life begin to change everything!


This is an excerpt from my second book, Hope Changes Everything. To read more on pain, dreams and the purpose God has for your life pick up the book here…

The Unfair Advantage of Your Story

I have something that no one else does. And so do you, it’s called my story. It’s perfectly mine and specifically purposed to help others. But so is yours! Because, as unique as each of us are, our struggles are oftentimes universally experienced. What I’ve gone through, so have others. What you are experiencing, so are others.

You have a story to tell. Don’t sit on it, and don’t let it go to waste. No matter where your story is today, someone needs to hear it. You may have emerged with a third-act victory that would inspire even the darkest soul, or you may currently be mired in a terrifying, second-act cliffhanger, dangling by the strength of your fingertips, and wondering whether you’ll be able to find firm footing again.

However far your story has progressed, you have what someone else needs to hear.

When you can begin to see your situation—no matter what it looks like—as a blessing, then you can use it to change the world.

Real people, who have gone through real issues of pain and suffering, have what Mike Foster, the founder of People of the Second Chance, calls “the Unfair Advantage”. You have lived through a tragedy, stood on death’s doorstep, and now you have an unfair advantage, because you have found something the whole world needs.


Hope is what sets you free to live again. It’s the medicine the hurting mom aches for when searching for her addicted daughter and the peace that calms the anxiety ridden nerves of a father who doesn’t know where his son is. Hope changes the game for the depressed, it lets the financially strapped breath deep again and gives husbands and wives the courage to say “let’s give this another shot”. Hope is the oxygen that feeds our emotions and the fuel that drives our passionate daily pursuits. With hope, anything is possible, without it, we’re dead.

Using your story to give hope to others is a double-edged sword. It gives you both HOPE. They receive the blessing of knowing they are not alone and you receive the gratitude that what you’ve gone through God can use for good.

You’re HOPE is so powerful.

We were created to give hope to the rest of the world. And it’s my challenge to you today to do just that. Give your HOPE away. Our experiences give us the unfair advantage of HOPE and someone that you will see today needs that precious gift.


Your story, which is always being written, is a deadly tool that can be used to shut down the enemy’s fiercest attacks. Our brothers and sisters desperately need to see you standing up boldly and sharing your story, however “crazy” it may be, so that they can see that hope does exist and it’s still alive!


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