Dreams are universal. The hopes we all have for our future, the plans we all sketch out in our minds.

And then, somewhere along the way, those dreams slip out of our grasp. Whether through some kind of pain or worry, some guilt or mistake, or just the dull routine of life getting in the way, we lose hope and start to slide into normality.

But it doesn’t have to be this way! Those dreams can fuel your world once more… you just have to discover the transformative power of hope. Hope comes to those who are willing to take a risk, who are willing to try something new. Hope can hurt, but hope will always heal. Because hope changes everything.

What are people saying?

“God has uniquely equipped Lance Lang.  He has used the fire of pain to forge a heart of gold and a message.  That message is razor sharp; but the cut is like a surgeon’s, purposed to heal.  May the Lord use this book to encourage you and give you hope.”
Dr. Hance Dilbeck, Pastor Quail Springs Baptist Church, Oklahoma City

“Lance Lang has been used by our Lord to clearly speak out of his life’s experiences how God took all of the pain of brokenness to build a life of blessedness.  He does not sugar coat the suffering nor does he look through a “rose colored glass” at the reward.  This is a no nonsense, straight-shooting, hard-hitting, Christ-centered, and life proven testimony of one man’s journey which in so many ways mirrors every person’s struggle.  It is a great guide for those that do not want to allow pain and suffering to win over God’s best for His children!”
Nick Garland, Pastor First Baptist Church, Broken Arrow

“Here’s why I like Lance Lang: He shares his poverty. He’s honest and vulnerable and authentic. He’s a great listener. He really cares about people. He’s been through it. But the big big thing is – he’s a hope dealer. He believes in suffering and pain, but that hope, joy and grace transform people. That’s a powerful thing. I need it.”
Doug Serven, Pastor City Presbyterian Church, Oklahoma City

“I encourage you to grab several copies of Hope Changes Everything and begin to share them with those individuals, you know, who are struggling with life. We all need a little hope and thanks Lance for shining light on where to find it.”
Gregory “Heady” Coleman, Pastor North Church, Oklahoma City

“May you experience God’s message of hope found in these pages!”
Keith Burkhart, Family & Men’ Ministry Specialist, Baptist General Convention

“Lance Lang knows pain.  This book is compelling, convincing, insightful and edgy. If you or someone you care about is facing pain caused by addiction, this read might make be the difference between hopelessness and hope.”
Dr. David Willets, Author of Silverlining: A Life Application Journey Through the Dynamics of Grief

“Lance relates how our pain tries to redefine us. Whether the pain is from addiction, failures, or abuse, we see through Lance’s own life that Hope Changes Everything. This book caused me to consider my own pain and remember the undeserving hope I have in Jesus.”
Cameron Whaley Pastor Canadian Valley Baptist Church, Yukon

“Lance has struck a chord that will resonate in the hearts of those who read this book. His story is a living testimony to the truth that God is able to transform your pain to victory and hope.  You will be encouraged by the hope of Jesus as you read.”
Dr. Brian Pain, Pastor First Baptist, Duncan

“Hope is necessary for life.  Thank you, Lance Lang, for beautifully sharing the Hope that saved your life.  And, thank you for expressing it in such a way that many others, as they read this book, will also find the true Hope that will change their lives, too!”
Dr. Hess Hester, Pastor Southern Hills Baptist Church, Tulsa

“A private and personal look into pain that will cause you to reflect on your life and gain clarity that this is not the end. A reminder that we have a hope and Hope Changes Everything.”
Clint Chamberlain, Executive Pastor of Community Outreach, Council Road Baptist Church

“The transparency of Lance’s writing is so refreshing! And although we may not know all the answers this side of eternity when it comes to pain, reading this book will give you hope and assurance that God is with you in the midst of it all.”
Ronnie Baker II, Founding and Lead Pastor of Audacity Church, Tulsa

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