The Rhythm of Recovery

If you took a moment to step back and think hard about the past seasons of your life, I bet you’d see a common trend. You’d probably notice what I’ve noticed about each season of my life. In either good times or bad times each season had a unique rhythm.   

When I was deep in my addiction, my rhythm looked like this.

Get up, get sick, use all morning, chase drugs all afternoon, use all night. Repeat.

Get up, get sick, use all morning, chase drugs all afternoon, use all night. Repeat.

This rhythm was as tight as the Thunder drummers outside Chesapeake arena before a playoff game. It was perfectly in sync. It was also devastating to my life and anyone that loved me. But this rhythm didn’t start out like a Tommy Lee drum solo. No! It started with a few random “beats” here and there… a handful of small choices

  • Take a pill here and there, lie to a few people, cover my tracks, manipulate a friend or family member, call in sick to work, not show up to committed events, burn some bridges, take more pills, try this, try that.

These “beats” were the building blocks to the rhythm that ruined my life.

Thank GOD I was rescued from this rhythm on April 6th 2011! It was on this day that my rhythm was wrecked. And you can’t find a new rhythm until the old one is interrupted.

Since that day, I’ve found a new rhythm. The rhythm of recovery. This rhythm has brought about incredible change and breakthroughs in my life. But unfortunatly over the past few months I’ve allowed outside fears, threats and distractions to interrupt my new found rhythm.

I know that I am not alone in this confession. I know many of you reading this would agree that life has interrupted your rhythm and caused you to get off beat. The sad thing is, it only takes a few small choices to lose the steady positive tempo our lives need to thrive.

Today, I am challenging myself and all my readers to find a new rhythm or to re-establish a past positive rhythm. Our lives desperately need a confident cadence to walk to. We need a tempo to dance to, a routine to follow and regular accountability to help guide us through the ups and downs of life.

For me, re-establishing a rhythm of recovery means my life can have meaning again. Because when I’m out of rhythm, I’m focused entirely on myself and that’s not healthy. God doesn’t work through selfish people. God works through people who are surrendered completely to His will, His ways & His rhythms.

Today, my prayer is that his post would wreck the negative rhythms in your life and challenge you to begin a new beat. I pray you start a fresh rhythm and that this rhythm brings about a mighty breakthrough in your life.


What do you need to do to start a new rhythm in your life? What do you need to stop? Start? Who can you share this with to ensure accountability in your life?

My Moment

“We do not remember days, we remember moments” – Ceasre Paverse

It was a normal morning. It started off just like almost every other morning had the previous three years.  I woke up blurry eyed, hungover, jonesing for something to take away the pain.

My legs were kicking and my stomach was aching. I took my time getting ready for the day, stopping every few minutes as my gut rejected all the previous night had forced upon it.

It was miserable, but it was normal.

With a hand full of pills in my pocket and a few more waiting for me in my top desk drawer, I headed out. A couple Red Bull pit stops later and I made it into work about 9:45.

Locked inside my office, my day began. Chopping, smashing and lining up 3 beautiful rails that would be my breakfast. A mixture of Oxy’s and Lortabs flew up my nose, at about the same time I heard a pounding on my office door!

My life changed in this moment. It was at this precise moment that everything began to change. It was April 6th, 2011. 5 years ago today. (click here to read exactly what happened)

I often ponder what God must have been thinking the days leading up to this moment. Was He excited? Was He smiling? Did He wonder what choice I would make when given the opportunity? Or did He already know? What did God think about this moment?

Of all my experiences the past 5 years, it was in this moment where everything stood in the balance.  I could go and open the knocking door, face the truth and begin to change. Or I could open the door, continue living in denial and run from reality like I had done for so long. This moment offered two distinct options. Freedom or continued bondage.

I’ve often said that what changed for me in that moment was the choice I made to finally confess. Instead of arguing over details or trying to manipulate my way out of it, I just admitted the truth that everyone else already knew. I was caught and it was time to get honest. It was my moment.

Since that moment at roughly 10AM on April 6th 2011 nothing has been the same. Life has truly been magical.

That magic moment brought so much truth into my life. I learned that confrontation breeds change. That God is not, was not and will never be, mad at me. I realized that He had a plan for my life. I began to see that my life was worth living and living to the full. I chose freedom and I’m so glad I did.

That moment changed me forever.

I believe moments like this happen every day for so many of us. I believe God provides “a way out” of pain, divorce, addiction, guilt, shame and resentment all the time. Sometimes it’s through people and sometimes it’s through circumstances. But the moments of change are always present. Freedom is always one moment away.

The question is, “What will you do with the moments God gives you today?”

Could it be that the life you’ve always wanted hangs in the balance of the choices you make in the moments God gives you today?

My life is proof that that is possible.

So make the most of the moments God gives you. Choose to embrace challenge, step into confrontation and as often as you can, confess you baggage.

Life is meant to be lived free. May you step into the moments that God gives you today and find the freedom you deserve.

Hope is Alive!


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